Engage high-risk populations through innovative education programs

KidsHealth offers disease management solutions for the following conditions:


Asthma Management

KidsHealth Asthma Text Program

  • 12-week text program
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Age-specific education tips based on child’s age
  • Daily medication reminders
  • Weekly check-ins for medication adherence
  • Especially useful for newly diagnosed and/or poorly managed patients

KidsHealth Asthma Newsletter

  • 5-week sequenced newsletter
  • Desktop and Mobile Versions
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Video included in each week
  • Allows families to learn in increments without feeling overwhelmed

Diabetes Management

Shared Decision Making Tools

  • Step-by-Step decision aid for families
  • Separate tools for continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump
  • Password protected portal for data entry
  • Tool features a variety of media: articles, videos, quick tips, sliding scales, etc.
  • Encourages a well-informed, shared decision that puts the patient at the center of the discussion making process